Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Thoughts...

Hey, new blog...pretty cool, eh?

Well, I have been following and admiring many of your awesome blogs for quite a while, so I figured maybe I should contribute as well.

I got into this nail polish stuff kind-of by accident. I have always noticed and admired when someone has nicely polish nails and I try to compliment them when I can. Well, that is exactly what got me here...

First, a little background:
My wife has had beautiful nails since before I knew her. It's something she began back in High School and has kept it up to this day. Well, when we were expecting our first son, she was having a little trouble painting her own toes, so she asked me for some help. Being the supportive husband that I am, I agreed to give it a shot. I remember that it didn't look that great when I was done, but she could not really see them, so I got away with it. And I helped her on subsequent occasions, through two more pregnancies, and gradually got a little better at it.

After our sons were born, she could paint her own toes, but she still liked having me do it for her as a treat. So, I would 'operate' on her feet about every two to three weeks as she was doing her fingernails. And I developed more of an interest in the colors of polish she wore and at times I would suggest some colors that I liked and even bought a few for her now and then. She liked my interest in this and so her collection of polishes grew, as we shared the interest together.

Okay, now to the turning point that got me hooked...

So, I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law and it was one of those clear, sunny summer days that Colorado is famous for. We were out on the patio sipping lemonade (with a little something more in it) and I noticed that my sister was wearing a really intriguing shade of deep maroon polish on her toes that would glisten slightly purple when the sun hit it. I complimented her on her choice of color and said that I really liked it. She gratiously thanked me and since I liked it so much, maybe I would like to suggest it to my wife when I got home. I agreed and then she took me by surprise when she suggested that maybe I should sample it so I could show my wife the actual color - on my toes! I looked at her husband and he just grinned and said "Just go for it. She got me with it a while ago". So I reluctantly agreed to let her polish my toes with it.

The results were not what I expected, and when she had finished, I was amazed at how different my feet looked with a little color on them. Even she remarked that it it looked good and that she thought my wife would really like it. I asked her if she meant that my wife would like the color, or it on me. She smiled and said "both!".

So, I just kept it on for the next three days until I returned home. My wife did not immediately notice my feet, but when she did, she asked me WTH had happened in CO, so I explained that it was to show her this color that I had really liked so I could get it for her. Once she understood how it all came about, she calmed down and said that, yes, she did like the color as well, and that it even looked 'kind-of cute' on me too.

I will continue this story later about how I began regularly wearing my toes polished, my first pedicure, how my tastes (and skills) developed, and why this is so intriging to me. Entries will be a little on the irregular basis until I get this blog up to full speed.

Keep checking back...

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