Thursday, January 5, 2012

The EvolutionMan of nail polish

Greetings loyal readers! I know, I know, it’s been too long since I made updates to the blog… But I’ve got a really cool new company to tell you about today, so let’s get started!

There’s a new player in the male nail polish revolution – EvolutionMan. And their products are receiving a lot of press lately, due in part to a few male celebrities who we haven’t seen wear their nails polished before wearing this brand (Johnny Depp to name just one). I think it’s pretty darned cool that another company has decided to recognize the increasing number of guys who are into looking good and want something different than what the companies who target women are offering.

EvolutionMan offers three colors of pure matte velvet plus a clear gloss and matte topcoat. Pavement is a cool silver, Stand Out is a black with silver bling and Alter Ego is a unique purple/bronze. The EvolutionMan folks were kind enough to ask me to try Stand Out, so here’s my take:

It looks like EvolutionMan took a bright and gritty silver base and added a rich black crème to make an outstanding and classy looking dark color appropriate for, say, a black tie event - or even to your next date. This is not your girlfriend’s nail polish! It’s mega-macho dark and mysterious yet not over the top loud with it’s pure matte finish.

And wearing Stand Out with EM’s glossy topcoat looks even classier!

Check out these closeups! You can see the silver stuff I was talking about. Wowzers!

EM nail polish spreads like butter (it's about as thick!) and one coat is all you need. Make sure you wear a base coat though because with all the dark pigment and bling, it takes a little elbow grease (and acetone) to really clean it off your nails.

And gals, if you want to add a little sassy edge to your look that will definitely get noticed, give EvolutionMan polishes a try too! Who knows, your BF may even ask you to do his nails with it (and wouldn’t that be too cool?).

And hey, EvolutionMan also offers a full line of skin care products for men too, so check them out at

Yeah, it’s great to be back!!! : )