Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick Tip for Guys at a Nail Salon

Okay gals, I'll get back to things you might be interested in too, but here is just a quick one for the guys...

If you are contemplating going to a nail salon for the first time to get a pedicure, here are some ideas for you:

1) The best way to become introduced to a professional pedicure is to take a friend who is experienced. The two of you will be treated to a service that is surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable, and certainly worth the investment. Going with someone else makes it a lot more fun too because it is an experience that you will want to share. Besides, your GF or wife will really appreciate the treat too!

2) Call ahead. You can ask about rates, whether they welcome men, and when their business might be quieter and potentially less intimidating for you.
Besides, you probably would not want to land in the middle of a wedding nail party!

3) Bring your own polish. Colors that work well for men are not as easy to find as those that look good on women. Some salons have great selections, including some collections for men, but others may not. If in doubt, bring a bottle of a color that you like, even if just as a backup. Who knows, you may find something in their collection that will expand your tastes too!

4) Wear polish to the salon. Even if not done perfectly, it will tell the nail tech that you are already comfortable wearing it, and they may even suggest some good colors for you to try. It's their job and they are usually very good at knowing what works for people.

5) Trust the pros. They take a lot of pride in what they do and they want you to be a satisfied customer. The last thing a nail tech wants is an unhappy customer, so if you have any preferences, let them know and then... just relax and enjoy the treatment.....
Remember, they want you to come back, so they will treat you with care and attention and do a great job for you.

6) Tip gratiously. These folks don't pull down six figures doing this kind of work, but they all seem to really love it. So, tip them appropraitely so that they can continue serving their customers well and so that they will remember you when you return. $10 is a suggested minimum for a pedicure but even $20 is not unheard of for really good experience.

7) Go someplace else. If you did not feel like you received the royal treatment, then find another salon. These businesses are all a product of the owner/management, and if they are in tune with their customers and they have worked hard to create a relaxing and comfortable environment and experience, then they deserve your continued business.

8) Last but not lest, don't go too often. This is supposed to be a treat, so 'treat' you and your wife or GF to it on special occasions so it remains special and new. And, you can look forward to the date with anticipation when it is not an everyday thing.

8.5) Okay this is the last one...
Gals, you can also treat your guy to this too, you know! He does not have to get polish if he's not the type to try new things, but he can still enjoy a very pleasureable experience with you jsut the same. And you can enjoy the benefit from his softer and nicer looking feet too!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime thoughts...

Hey readers and followers, how has your summer been so far? It's been sunny and wonderfully hot here! I say it that way because we have not really had very warm summers the last few years, and this one is a welcome change.

And, summer can be really hard on your feet, depending on what you do to them. Here are a few summer tips for keeping your toes and pedicures in tip-top shape! And these are for anyone - women or man - who wants to have great looking and great feeling feet!

* Use moisturizer - especially at night. If your feet are really getting dry and crusty, you can even wear a pair of light socks after applying lotion and it will give them an extra deep treatment while you sleep. Make sure you rub lotion in and around your cuticles, between your toes, and on heels and any callouses that may be starting to build.

- you can even rub a little olive oil into your cutilces and the pads of your feet for a longer-lasting type of moisturizing that will feel great too.

* Respect the sun! Your feet may look great with a deep summer tan, but they will also dry out faster, and you increase the chance that your skin will become wrinkled and lose it elasticity over time. Use a lotion with the appropriate amount SPF factor when you are going to be outside for extended periods.

* Don't change polish too often. Actually, it's not the polish but the remover that will dry out your skin. Once you do remove any old polish, soak your feet in warm water with a little Dreft to soften them before polishing again. It's a nice treat and it will help protect your skin from the chemicals present in nail polish. Make sure you lightly brush the nail surface with remover to remove any residue before polishing though!

* Use a good basecoat before polish. It will help condition and strengthen your nails and keep them from staining. I like OPI Nail Envy, but ther are many others available that will do the trick.

- here is a tip: apply one layer of topcoat over the base coat, before applying the polish. This will provide a very smooth surface on which the polish will just glide on and look like glass. Use a final layer of topcoat when finished applying the color too for a perfect finish. I like Seche Vite because it spreads like butter and evens out any imprefections before it sets. And, it sets in minutes to the touch which I find totally amazing!

* Wear flip flops after a pedicure for a few hours to give your polish a chance to harden. If you are polishing your nails at night, do it early enough so that you have at least an hour before going to bed. That way, the perfect pedicure you worked so hard on will survive the sheets.

* Try layering colors. Using a base of a deeper color and applying a lighter sheer polish over it can sometimes result in a really cool, almost 3D effect. You can even try layering parts of the nail to give it a graduated shading effect. There are many websites with instructions for doing this, just do some searching. Wearing a unique and eye-catching pedicure is a lot of fun and makes wearing that favorite pair of sandals or open shoes even that much more enjoyable.

* Schedule a pedicure at least once a month. Why not? You deserve a treat at least that often! Spa pedicures are a total treat too, but you don't have to splurge every time. Twice a month is perfect if you don't want to do your toes yourself.

* Get Bold! Try a color that you normally wouldn't. Heck, it's summer - go for the neon orange or bright tropical blue for a change. Those bright, fun colors look great on tanned feet with summer attire!

* Get your SO into it too. Whether you are a woman or man, you will definitely increase the enjoyment if you share this experience and interest with a partner. Some men may not go for the color yet, but there are few who would not enjoy a relaxing pedicure - and having feet that feel softer and look better.

*** Gals, I took a quick telephone survey of fourteen nail salons this week here in the upper midwest, and they tell me that yes, they all have an increasing number of male clients who wear colored polish on their toes. It seems that about 60% of the guys were encouraged to try it by their SO, about 20% started after the nail tech suggested they try it and the remainder just did it on their own.
With a little encouragement, your guy could make the leap and try something that many other guys have found to be quite satisfying and fun!

I've taken to wearing muted silvers and grays lately for some reason, and I have found a few that I think work well with the summer sandal look:

...yeah, I know, my cuticles could use a little moisturizing too...

Well, enjoy your summer and take some time to have fun. Life's too short to let this one get by without a little splurging, right?