Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick Tip for Guys at a Nail Salon

Okay gals, I'll get back to things you might be interested in too, but here is just a quick one for the guys...

If you are contemplating going to a nail salon for the first time to get a pedicure, here are some ideas for you:

1) The best way to become introduced to a professional pedicure is to take a friend who is experienced. The two of you will be treated to a service that is surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable, and certainly worth the investment. Going with someone else makes it a lot more fun too because it is an experience that you will want to share. Besides, your GF or wife will really appreciate the treat too!

2) Call ahead. You can ask about rates, whether they welcome men, and when their business might be quieter and potentially less intimidating for you.
Besides, you probably would not want to land in the middle of a wedding nail party!

3) Bring your own polish. Colors that work well for men are not as easy to find as those that look good on women. Some salons have great selections, including some collections for men, but others may not. If in doubt, bring a bottle of a color that you like, even if just as a backup. Who knows, you may find something in their collection that will expand your tastes too!

4) Wear polish to the salon. Even if not done perfectly, it will tell the nail tech that you are already comfortable wearing it, and they may even suggest some good colors for you to try. It's their job and they are usually very good at knowing what works for people.

5) Trust the pros. They take a lot of pride in what they do and they want you to be a satisfied customer. The last thing a nail tech wants is an unhappy customer, so if you have any preferences, let them know and then... just relax and enjoy the treatment.....
Remember, they want you to come back, so they will treat you with care and attention and do a great job for you.

6) Tip gratiously. These folks don't pull down six figures doing this kind of work, but they all seem to really love it. So, tip them appropraitely so that they can continue serving their customers well and so that they will remember you when you return. $10 is a suggested minimum for a pedicure but even $20 is not unheard of for really good experience.

7) Go someplace else. If you did not feel like you received the royal treatment, then find another salon. These businesses are all a product of the owner/management, and if they are in tune with their customers and they have worked hard to create a relaxing and comfortable environment and experience, then they deserve your continued business.

8) Last but not lest, don't go too often. This is supposed to be a treat, so 'treat' you and your wife or GF to it on special occasions so it remains special and new. And, you can look forward to the date with anticipation when it is not an everyday thing.

8.5) Okay this is the last one...
Gals, you can also treat your guy to this too, you know! He does not have to get polish if he's not the type to try new things, but he can still enjoy a very pleasureable experience with you jsut the same. And you can enjoy the benefit from his softer and nicer looking feet too!



  1. Jake,

    The salon I frequent was recommended to me by my secretary ('scuse me... administrative assistant), and I was already wearing polish so I had my first visit with my toes already painted (BB Couture "Grenade"). My nail tech, Stephanie was very complementary and asked where she could get some. I had stocked up on several colors when Kim was doing her two-fer back in December, so I made a present to her of my duplicates, now I get an automatic 20% discount, and I can get an appointment any time I want. She also says that other men are wearing the BB Couture colors too.

  2. Kevin, now that's a pretty cool experience. Everyone likes a gift, and it appears that your gratitude for Stephanie's compliment was quite well-received!
    Very cool...

  3. Fabulous advice. I wish my brother would take it. :)

  4. Thanks this really helped I think I will now try my pedicure!

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    1. I'm from N.C. I am a 52 year old male, I have been getting pedicures for over 10 years. I ride a Harley Davidson, Black Belt, so as you can see in no way am I feminine. I have pedicures with color every time. I want my feet to feel and look good, and I wear my sandals in public all the time. I am a very secure man. So come on guys what if your ladies feet looked bad.