Sunday, October 24, 2010

OPI Cuckoo For This Color!

Yeah, I'd say the name fits this one for sure!
I don't know how OPI keeps coming up with these crazy names, but I sure like some of the new colors they've come out with recently.

This one is from the Swiss collection.

I really like the way it seems to shift colors when it is seen in different kinds of light.

I think it looks very chic and classy for toes and would look good on a girl with some dark dressy heels.
...oh, and for a guy - it's an incredible color too!

Have an awesome - and colorful - day!!! :)


  1. That last photo with the gleam of light off the big toe nail...makes a wow color go 'wow'!!

  2. I think I am starting to enjoy shimmers much more since I've been blogging. I get to see everyone's awesome swatches. Eye candy!