Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black? ...or Black?

Wow it seems like forever since I last posted. Well, I guess I am like a lot of you, just very busy trying to make it all work in this trying economy.
But, there is always time for some fun,right?

Okay now readers, your color seleciton advice is greatly appreciated here. I have two black polishes that I like a lot, but I need some help from you in deciding which one to wear for Halloween.

On the left is Zoya Raven, a rich true-black with just a hint of shimmer hidden in it.
On the right is Man Glaze Death Tar, an incredible matte black with a ton of multi-colored flecks imbedded in it (seen here with a glossy overcoat).

With a good coat of Seche Vite, they can both look like glass, and you all know how good a glossy black can look! In fact, I am inclined to say that black may be the best unisex color of nail polish there is. It looks equally classy and great on women and men.

Okay, here they are close-up so you can really see how they look.

First, Zoya Raven:

And here is the Man Glaze:

Please let me know in the comments below which one you like best. If you want even better pics, check here:

Either one would work, but with your input, I will be confident I'm looking my best for the cause!
Hey, it's great to be back! I missed all of you!!! : )



  1. wow, tough choice :D i'd go with ManGlaze :) love that sparkle in the sun :)

  2. Man Glaze Death Tar owns my heart. I love it on anyone and everyone!

  3. I think Death Tar just looks better on you. Um, I think black polish will go better with black footwear or with a color that matches black.

  4. Though Zoya Raven works well as a great black, I'd go with the ManGlaze (also) because it has that something special...that extra shimmer...and we could all use an extra sparkle on Halloween!

  5. I believe that black it's just cool when is black-black. Pure. So I would go with Zoya.

  6. I vote for Raven. We don't get raven's here in the City but there is a pair that came down from the mountains two years ago in a blizzard and have stayed ever since. I had the pleasure of hearing/seeing one of them this morning on my way to work. I think it was a sign.

  7. I think Man Glaze Death Tar looks very well on you.

  8. Raven is my pick, but they both look great.

  9. Wow, thank you for all the great suggestions! It seems that there is not a clear favorite here, but that you think either would rock for Halloween. Awesome!! I think I am leaning toward the Death Tar because, as some of you point out, the sparkle does look pretty cool.

    DesertNails8, gotcha on the black footwear. I really need to go find a pair, since brown and gray are all that I have right now.

    I hope you all have a fun and 'spooky' Halloween! Thanks again for your help :)

  10. i'd choose man glaze because it's not ordinary black.. and I would have it matte.. everybody knows polish which looks like glass ;)

  11. Sparkle must rule Halloween, lol.

  12. Man Glaze would by my choice. :o)