Sunday, September 5, 2010

NEW "Lovers" Paired Collection is out!

This is sooooo cool! BB Couture just introduced a new collection of nail polishes that are being paired in duos - one for the girl and one for the guy - together! They are complimentary colors that look great together and are designed to help promote couples to wear them proudly. Talk about a stroke of genius... and fresh thinking!

Okay, on with the reviews!

First, a bit of disclaimer...I had to swatch all twelve of these myself because my girl had just gotten a very nice pedicure with artwork and was not too excited to remove it right away. Guess I can't blame her, but it would have been cool to show you the gal colors on a female foot.
And, my camera simply does not capture the colors as they really are. Trust me though, these are beautiful colors that are much better than you see below.

The first pair is called "Pocahontas and John Smith". Pocahontas is a very classy mauve creme with just a hint of micro glitter (that's hard to see in this picture). Subtle, but perfect because it does not look like any other 'creme' you will find elsewhere.

John Smith compliments this color nicely as a more neutral gray/beige creme that is clean and refreshingly simple.

Carla and Michael may not be famous to you, but they definitely are in love! And this rich pair of colors says they are very deeply in it together. Carla is a spectacular rich purple with hints of copper and red shimmer in it. If you like purple, Wow, this is one of the most vivid purples Ihave seen! The picture is a bit dark, but look closely at the big toe to see the detail.

And then there is Michael, no slouch in the color department either. The cool thing about this color is that it's not just another deep blue, but it has just the right amount of subtle purple shimmer - enough that you may not be sure what color it is. What is certain though, is that it looks really great on a guy - next to Carla of course!

Cleopatra is one of those "to die for" intense aquamarines that you just can't find - until now! It has a subtle sky blue shimmer to it as well that makes this one so intriguing. A perfect beach color!

Paired with Cleopatra is Anthony, a rich deep blue with subtle aqua shimmer. Not as bold as Cleo, but it looks entirely appropriate for her guy in-tow.

Okay, eveyone's heard of Bonnie and Clyde. And GREEN is their color, of course! Bonnie is a festive bright true green with lots of green glitter. She'd definitely be a 'hit' at your next bank robbery!

And heeeeeerrrrreee'sss Clyde! Basically the same true green as Bonnie, but without the glitter.

I guess I should have posted this couple first, since they really did get this whole thing started... Eve is a svelte Olive with gold and green glitter, topped with a subtle rose hue. I can only imagine what Adam might have thought if she was wearing this color in the garden!

And my favortie of the colleciton, Adam. This was a surpriser for me. I didn't think it looked that attractive in the bottle, but on the nail, it is probably the best 'guy' color I think I have come across. It's earthy, kind of an olive/army green, but it has the slightest hint of micro shimmer in it to make it interesting. and it has that same rosy hue to it as Eve. What a pair!!! Gals, this is a great starter color for your guy because it will just look so natural on him.

And now, one of the most cherished couples of all time, Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is a very pretty rose/mauve creme that just looks softly feminie.

Romeo is slightly bolder than Juliet, but they go together so well, they really do look like a couple in love. This one is a brown/mauve with very subtle hints of shimmer to make it interesting. What an awesome fall color too!

Wow, it was really fun to try all these colors and I thank the fantastic folks at BB Couture for all the hard work in creating these wonderfully complimentary colors and coming up with the idea to package them together. BB Couture has been instrumental in promoting the use of nail polish by men, and I think that even though there probably is no exclusion on any of these colors, it's a fresh and welcome effort to encourage guys to get into this that I think is pretty darned cool of them.

Now I really appreciate all the work many of you do too when you swatch the latest colors, photograph them and them publish the pics with your awesome reviews. It takes more than I initally expected, and my results are not near as nice as many of yours. Oh well, practice shold help...

I hope that many who read this are inspired to try a pair or two of these colors along with your SO. I know many guys won't get near the stuff, but since guys wearing polish is growing in popularity (at least my pedicurist says so), it will just be a matter of time before he joins you!

Thanks for reading - and following my blog! : )


  1. This is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous colors! I really want Eve and you're right about Adam. Great guy color!

    Thanks for all of the hard work that went into swatching these for us!

  3. bonnie, mark&carla are gorgeous :o

  4. Ooh I love ALL of these! Esp, Carla/Michael for the color consistency, and Bonnie/Clyde becuse they're GREEN!

    Maybe we should persuade BB Couture to make guy + guy and girl + girl themed pairs?

  5. Been aching to try purple. So Michael is a definite, but my wife won't wear purple. Do they sell these a' la cart?

    Bonnie & Clyde won't be a problem.

    So Jake, how many "men's" colors does BBC have now? Must be around 30.

  6. I thought I would help Jake out here, yes Kevin they are sold a'la cart so to speak ;) I love the pairs, BB Couture must of had tons of fun creating such colors. You can check them out at my site
    Under BB Couture nail polish and BB Couture nail polish for men.
    There are 6 collections for men now!! Wow isn't sweet!
    Kim Snyder owner Overall Beauty
    Proud seller of BB Couture nail polish!

  7. These look fantastic on your feet! <3

  8. What an interesting blog! Very different. We started up a new blog this year called toemail and you might want to check it out, though we do put the emphasis on outdoor shots, lol!

  9. OMG! I love every single shade and you have THE perfect feet, toes and nails....sooooo envious of you. Thanks for sharing these.

  10. Hey Kim, thank you for the sourcing info (I really should have included that, eh?).

    I glad all of you like the blog - it's been fun to do. I did not anticiapte how much work it would be to keep up, but your comments make it all worthwhile and personalize it!

  11. Is Adam a duochrome?
    Does if shift from brown to green?

  12. Well, it's kind of a brown/green (olive) already, but it does have a slight bit of duochrome red in it (not much, but just enough to see in the sunlight).

  13. Great swatches on these. Which was your favorite? (you never said if you had one?) lol Cleopatra, Anthony and Bonnie are cool colors.

  14. I absolutely love these and in fact they would make some awesome French style manicures since the colors do go so well together. I find myself wanting them ALL

  15. Awesome pedicures! How did you get them so perfect?

  16. Favorites? Well, I really like Cleopatra because it is so unique - and MUCH more gorgeous than my camera could even capture.
    Adam and eve are really cool too, partly because they go so well together and that I think anyone could wear these.
    And, I really do like Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is so feminine and pretty, while Romeo is bold, daring and totally wild!

    Man, it's tough to pick just one!!!

  17. L: Thanks! I guess just constant attention and keeping them moist (I use olive oil during the day and Vaseline at night) and trimmed does the trick.

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    keep it up..
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