Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why do girls do this?

So, I attended a big family reunion last week. There were my Mom and Dad, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews, their spouses and some kids too - a really big family event. Mom and Dad's 60th anniversary too!

We had many activities planned for the days, and in the evenings the card and board games would start and the whole place just seemed to get more lively (and loud).

Most nights you could find a group of the gals together in the loft painting their nails and talking about hair styles, guys, the guys against gals mini-golf tournament that day, whatever. And I cannot explain this, but whenever one of the guys would wander by their 'area' one of them would pipe up and ask if he wanted his nails done too. Most of the guys would shrug with a smile and say 'no, but thanks' (as if they genuinely appreciated the gesture) but one night the gals hit on me and so I smiled and said in a teasting sort of way "sure, what colors do you have?". Well, this certainly got a rise from them.

Bright pink was offered first, and I politely told them "not so much". Cotton candy pink, then blue, purple and even french were then offered. I considered french while they had fun trying to steer me toward the purple. But when my seven year-old neice with her big blue eyes told me it would look "pretty" on me, I was sold!

Let me tell you, I received the royal treatment. These girls were really having a good time with it and so I just took in having six fun women (except for the 7 year-old, they were all in there 20's) crowded around me and painting my toenails purple.

The results were pretty darned good - even my Mom was impressed! The girls all had to have their pictures taken with me - on some we alternated feet, on another I wore one of their plushy pink slippers (those pics are on someone else's camera though). Of course, everyone had to come see, and the girls even managed to talk my brother in-law into letting them do his too (he got the blue)! Craziness, but that runs pretty rampant in my family... They did however receive a bit more entertainment out of it too because I continued to wear the polish for the remainer of the reunion (3 days), and they loved it. And, I managed to crack the ice with them now knowing I like to wear my nails polished.

Here is a pic taken the next day:

So maybe some of you can tell me what the attraction is to these gals to want to paint the guy's nails. Sure, the shock factor of doing something crazy and unusual was there, but whenever we're together in a group like that, inevidibly some of the girls offer to do this for (to?) the guys. And I am not the first to take them up on it either! Well, what the heck, it was fun for all of us.

Oh, and the reunion was a great success too (in case you were wondering)! No major disagreements, no one got hurt, we just had a lot of good clean fun. And yeah, we are already talking about doing it again next year...


  1. Jake,

    I think the big thrill is that some women like to think that they are somehow getting something over on a guy when they do this. It is, until recently, like they are treading on forbidden ground. Come to think of it, that was how I felt when I first started polishing my toenails. It is still a thrill for me to go out polished in public, and I am always conscious of whether or not anyone notices, but then again I am an attention whore anyway.

    I shared with you before that once while I was getting a pedicure several women customers in the salon kept after my tech, Stephanie, to paint my nails. While I was there my toes were painted several different colors, and they all got a thrill out of it. Stephanie had already painted my nails before, so the joke was really on them. One woman even bet me a pedicure that I wouldn't leave with my nails painted. I did, and she made good on the bet too.

    I hope though the more this becomes mainstream that the thrill doesn't fade for them. I like to make people happy, and if painting a guy's nails makes them happy, so much the better.

  2. I think it's a way to show caring for others and to give them some love. At least that's what's in my heart and mind when I do that for someone. And I love those dark purples and dark blues! Sounds like you let all of the women love on you. That's a very nice thing!

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  4. Kevin, Yeah, it makes me feel good too to have nice looking nails. I like the part where you worked a bet to wear them painted. I'll have to try that to see if I can earn a free pedicure!

    Desertnails8, it was quite an experience - lots of attnetion and yes, love!

    Hey Tessa - Welcome and thanks for following too!
    I checked out your blog and it's really decent (awesome nails too!).

  5. Hiya Jake. I have no idea why girls do that? The gender identity issue is a strong one. Overall, I bet it was a nice time and I love the color you all went with.

  6. When my friend Ben visited me a few months back and told me I'd better do some Konad stamping on his fingernails, I jumped on it. I suppose it was the novelty, although all my male friends in my past have been kinda punky goth outsider types anyways so it wasn't a total surprise. But I think I just really enjoyed it because he was totally uninhibited and I found that inspiring and energizing. He picked some super bright neons and it made my day. :)

  7. Hmmm. Interesting. I've never been in a group like that, so I can't speak to that specifically, but I do ask if I can give my boyfriend a pedicure/manicure from time to time. So far he hasn't let me polish his toes, but he does let me tiddy-up his cuticles and nails.

    I like giving him pedicures/manicures (sans polish) because it makes me feel like I am helping him out in an area he is otherwise clueless. I would love it more if I could share my passion for color by painting his toes, but he wears flip-flops to work often, and I don't think he is quite that comfortable yet.

    I think it is also the gender role reversal thing too. I remember painting my brother's fingers as a kid and both him and I having a laugh about we'd done something slightly forbidden.

  8. So glad to finally have found your blog! Been seeing your pictures all over the web. :)
    For me, I am all about bending the rules and the conventions of if I can get a cohort to assist me, I'm down with it.
    I would be one to offer it, I have...just because I believe we need to accept that though men and women ARE different, and we AREN'T equal, but complimentary, we do like pampering ourselves. Why is it a bad thing when men do that for themselves?