Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey there you fellow nail polish fanatics – let me present more of the new BB Couture Men’s Wild West Collection, a unique collection of colors that are reminiscent of the days when life was wild and the pioneers forged their living from being bold and daring!

Gals and guys, you are going to really like these polishes. There is something for everyone here, so saddle up your nail-painting skills and let’s get on the trail!

Here is Gunfighter – a Medium Bluish-Gray Metallic
This is a surprising color because when I saw it in the bottle, I thought “Oh, another silver-gray metallic…”. But when I tried it, it turned out to be a fascinating steel-blue with a very attractive micro glitter semi-matte finish. One coat is really all that is required and it produces a nice neutral looking gray that anyone would be comfortable wearing. Two coats darkens it a bit and then the blue tint begins to show up more.
This would make a a very attractive fingernail color for gals too!

Check out how awesome the grainy texture makes this color look. I love these polishes that don't look anything like the others!

Next, meet Rustler - a true semi-sweet Chocolate Brown
Another color that looks even better on your nails than in the bottle. A very pleasing warm brown that, as is true of many good-quality crèmes, spreads and dries as smooth as glass. It has no red or purple tint to it either, which in my experience is difficult to find in a brown. A great choice for toes!

Heads up, pardner! Here comes Sundance - a Shimmery Reddish-Orange
A brighter, fun and definitely noticeable color! It’s a bold shade of orange – even leans a little toward red, and the metallic shimmer gives this polish a lot of depth and intrigue. What an awesome color to help you melt away the winter ‘blahs’.

This picture shows the result with three coats, so it's a bit darker than it would normally look. I wanted to demonstrate here the incredible depth this polish has to offer!

And as you can see, this is a real head-turner. If we had any real sun around here (don't get me started...) I could show you how this one really 'pops' when it's illuminated.

Last, but certainly not least, Bandito - a Deep Blackish-Purple
Mysterious and classy, this is a really great color for those who like darks and want a little variety from just black. The purple is subtle enough that guys can get away with it while gals will love the way it gives nicely shaped nails an attractive vampy look. It also has a mischievous duo-chrome look to it in the sun and the finish is like glass!
Wow, how's that for a roundup?
I know many of you may think that I am BB Couture-crazy, but there is a good reason. BBC has been instrumental in creating unique colors that you just can't find anywhere else. And from the first introduction of the men's collections almost two years ago, they made a bold statement that it's not only okay for men to enjoy wearing nail polish, but it really does work for guys! Many women love the fact that these colors are new and vibrant too, and they can give gals a very cool masculine edge to their look that says they are open-minded and willing to try new ideas.
I try to look for nail polishes that a no tthe norm - there are plenty of other bloggers who do a fantastic job of reviewing those for you. I see it as my job to bring you an alternative to the mainstream so you can have fun with your nails and express your unique self!
I whole-heartedly encourage women to do what you have to to get your guys to try this stuff because it is just darned cool to share this interest with them!
And men, get out of your dang society-induced box and learn to enjoy some freedom to do something different and fun too! Wearing nail polish won't kill you and it may in-fact change the way you preceive others, giving you a more open and accepting mind about life. And you might even enjoy it too - many other have before you...
Okay, I am stepping off of my soapbox now. Enjoy yourself and have an awesome day!
Jake the Toepaintguy :)


  1. i like rustler best bit i think it is probably pretty close to Zoya Dea which i already have

  2. Oh yeah! Rustler for sure! I also adore Sundance. Thanks for the swatches and you've got great toes! :)

  3. P33 and JQ, good choice! It looks so much like milk chocolate that I get hungry every time I see it...
    JQ: Thank you!! :)

  4. Love Bandito! Where can I buy these? I tried googling and didnt find anything? Thanks!

  5. Here they are:

  6. Wow, I wish I had your toes. After seeing your photo of Rustler, I can't wait for my order to arrive. I am definitely taking it to my next pedicure. It looks even more like chocolate than on The BB Couture site. Sundance is a little too pretty for my comfort level. It is an awesome color.

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