Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contest - Free Nail Polish!!!

Hey Polish Fanatics, BB Couture just announced that they are giving away an entire set of six FREE POLISHES to the winner of their new contest!

Here's how it works: enter your best picture of guy's toes painted with polish - that's it! It can be your own toes, or you can 'use' a friend's. Just make sure you do a great job on them and it could be the BIG WINNER!

Guys: time to show your stuff! Maybe a good time to get a pro pedicure too (hint).

Gals: what an opportunity to introduce your guy to nail polish (even if it's just to win a set for yourself!). And who knows, maybe he'll end up liking it (but then you'll have to lock up your own collection...).
It's good, clean fun - see how far you can get him to go with this!

The prize is set#1 of the BBC men's collection including Grenade, Night Ops, Widow Maker, 45 Caliber, Blue Steel and Military Blues.

To enter, simply become a fan of BB Couture on Facebook and post your picture. Enter as often as you like. Get crazy! The winner will be announced April 1, so better get busy...

More details at or you can use this direct link:

Cool stuff!


  1. fantastic idea! can you tell me more about the contest? Matte nail polish

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