Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jenna Lyons and J. Crew are too cool!

I suppose everyone's heard the hubub about Jenna Lyons, President and Creative Designer of J. Crew painting her son's toenails bright pink... Pretty darned cool!!! I mean, paint is not going to hurt a little boy - it doesn't hurt girls. His mom and he are obviously enjoying their fun personal time together and getting a little creative. There has been a lot of publicity on this one, and most people as asking "why?" because they don't see it as anything newsworthy - or is it? I'm thinking maybe this will help give this style for guys a little boost! Well, I think it's pretty cool that Jenna and J. Crew decided to go ahead and use this in their ad capaign. I think it demonstrates that the company is open-minded and forward thinking. In fact, it makes me want to shop there even more!!! What's your opinion about it? Was it worth all the attention? Do you think this will hurt the boy's future and turn him into something he isn't? Is Jenna cool for doing this? I'm interested to hear what you have to say about it... Jake


  1. I think celebrities are definitely stirring change in views of what's masculine or feminine and I personally love that they are. There was a big hub bub over Gwen Stefani painting her son's toes a while back and I think Jennifer Lopez had her son's nails painted too. But I look at this way, it used to be weird for guys to have pierced ears but that's the norm now. Maybe one day, it will be accepted for the fellas to get their pedicures on too.

  2. I think it was a mom having fun with her son, nothing more. Faux News is the network for homophobes. They're afraid of "the gay" and transgenders like it's ebola or something.

    Jenna's son is going to grow up however he's going to grow up, and nail polish isn't going to change that in the least... though he is likely to be blessed free of a fair number of sexual stereotype hangups.

  3. Jon Stewart's commentary on this "controversy" was hysterical, and right on! Give it a look...

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