Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring - Finally!!!

Yeah, the snow is finnnnnally melted around here and there is a hint of green creeping into the landscape. So, I guess it's time to shift to some fun spring colors!

I have two colors for you today that I really like. The first one is from Orly and called 'Bailamos'. It's an eye-catching tropical aqua with a deep shimmer. It's beautiful! I only wish I had some sun to photograph it in, but you can still get the idea of how cool this one looks. I see this as an ultimate beach and sand-kickin' color that will make your toes happier than heck!

Outside in subuded light, it still looks tropical!

The color is amazing - deep, lucious and cool!

You can see the shimmer in this picture. Imagine how it glows in the sun!!

Okay, this color is a bit more earthy and just says "spring" all over it. It's called "Irene" from Zoya. I tried it with a matte topcoat and I really like it. You will be the envy of all your tree-hugging friends wearing this one!

Matte - very smoooooth color!

(sorry about the smudge on the fourth toe)

The shimmer is subtle and adds a lot of depth to the color.

This is actually closer to the true color. It's brighter than my pictures, but you get the idea. Nice green!!

Hey, get out and enjoy the warmer weather! The sun, the fresh air, the exercise and your polished toes are all good for you!!!

Hang in there... Jake :)


  1. Wow, Irene looks fabulous on you!

  2. Bailamos is such a great color and there's something a bit amazing about it even from just looking at the bottle. Way to go with that topcoat over Irene.

    Okay, so now you've got me looking at my own toes! Hmm, time for a new color.

  3. Excellent way to kick of Spring! love them :)

  4. It is great to see the colors on a guys feet to get a feel how I would like it on mine. Awesome colors. Thanks

  5. Cilucia - thanks! It is a pretty cool color (as many Zoya tend to be).
    Desert Nails: it's summer - go a little crazy, dude!
    LW: Thanks!
    Guy Polish: Cool - I never thought about it that way. Glad to help!

  6. Great colors both, look awesome on your feet!

  7. Bailamos is a nice blue, I think it is time to go with something as eye catching as that color. I find myself looking at my feet more when the colors are less conservative.

  8. WOW! Jake. Do you realize that tomorrow is the first birthday of your blog. Looking forward to another year of fantastic colors and commentary. Your comments and those of the other posters here have reinforced my level of confidence in wearing openly.

  9. Great shots Jake, and i love both colors. I'm actually surprised at how much i like "Irene," i didn't think i'd go for something that looked like a "camo" color. It looks especially nice paired with your sandals.


  10. the Irene one looks not natural, but supenatural-ly good!

  11. I realize this is an old post but maybe you will still read this. Anyways- HOW do you prep your feet? They always look flawless! No dry skin, perfectly painted toes always. You def. Should do a blog post on how you take care of your feet and prep your toes for your pedicure. Even when my toes are painted well I still can't get them flawless like yours. I have feet envy :)

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