Thursday, June 10, 2010

The BB Couture Formal collection

I haven't really reviewed any nail polishes here yet, so we'll see how it goes with my first attempt. Please pardon the inaccuracies in the colors - my camera and I have a bit more 'getting to know each other' before my pictures are as perfect as others I've seen on nail blogs.

I'd like to introduce the Formal Collection from BB Couture. These colors were designed to compliment more formal events, whether a wedding, prom, anniversary, even first date. They have a classy and elegant feel to them, and though they are labeled "for men", I think women may find them to be quite unique and attractive as well.

Here's the lineup:

The first color is called Tuxedo Night. It is probably the best maroon for a guy I have ever seen. It's not too dark to look black, not too light to look red and has just a hint of sparkle in it. You might think guys wouldn't wear a color like this, but I can tell you that I have searched for quite a while to find a maroon that worked well for me, and this one really does!

Incognito is a very cool looking gray with just a hint of purple opal to it (actually less than you see here). It's also abit lighter than the picture and is one of those colors that you have to do a double-take on because it's just not like anything else you have seen before.

This one is called Dress Rehearsal and is an awesome light green with just the right amount of shimmer in it. It's not loud at all and looks great with a tan and sandals. A very comfortable color to wear anywhere, anytime. I really like this one!

Dinner Jacket is a deep, rich blue that says "formal" all over it. It has that delicious, rich look to it that some polishes can only attempt to acheive. It might look out of place on the beach, but with typical formal attire, it's perfect!

Next is Ceremony, a medium green with a hint of blue and mild shimmer. The picture really does not do this one justice - it's one of my favorites now because it is such a comfortable shade! The finish has a slight matte look to it too, making it a great 'quieter' color.

And this one is called Award Medal. The best way I can describe it is a deep gold with a suave green hue to it. It changes too, appearing quite gold in bright light and more subdued, almost light army green in dimmer or indirect light. You will definitely get an award for best dressed when wearing this one to a special event.

Well, there you have it. A great collection from BB Couture of some pretty unique colors - and my first polish post!
Let me know if you buy any of these, and how you like them. Your feedback can help influence future releases because BBC is always fine-tuning their colors in response to what their customers tell them they like.


  1. Fantastic post! Gorgeous colors! Great job! So glad to have in the nail polish blogging world!

  2. Watcha talking about, your pictures are awesome! I love this BB couture collection, Dinner Jacket looks so cool.

  3. i love dinner jacket :o
    I don't own any bb couture (yet), i guess i better do :P

  4. BTW, I forgot to tell you where to find this brand.
    They do have a website: and are distributed by


  5. Your feet are so nice!! I like Incognito and Next is Ceremony very much...