Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How does a 'Polish Fanatic' see this?

I mentioned in previous blogs that I would ask others to express their opinions about nail polish for others to think about and learn from. Here is one gal who's blog I have admired and followed - and learned from - for years.

Siobhan, would you be interested in telling us a few things about why you like and wear nail polish? How did you become a fanatic anyway?

Thanks, Jake, I'm honored!

--I liked it as a kid, so I've just always worn it since I was about 10 or 11. I'd feel naked without it now.
What do you think about guys wearing it?
--If a guy's happy wearing it, I don't see why he should not.
What do you like most about being able to share this interest with others (women and men)?
--It's a fun, frivolous conversation starter.
How do you decide what color to wear?
--I go on a whim.
What are your most cherished colors or brands of nail polish?
--So many thoughts popped into my head at once my brain blew up! One of my most cherished is Chanel Jade because I love it and it's so $$$ in ebay now.
About how much time per day or week do you spend on your nails (including nail care, swatching and polishing)?
--Probably a grand total of 3-4 hours a week.
About how often do you get a professional pedicure or manicure?
--Very rarely, perhaps once per year.
Do you have any advice for someone who is new to this?
--Practice, patience, and remember they're just nails - if you mess anything up, it'll grow back soon, and the worst polish job can be fixed easily.

Thank you Siobhan! Your enthusiasm and light, fun attitude about nail polish is refreshing And your examples are some of the finest too!

If you haven't visited Siobhan's blog already, here is a link: http://thenailphile.blogspot.com/

And her Flickr pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/siobhanm123/

Thanks for reading (and your great comments too!)

What I am wearing today (Dress Rehearsal from BB Couture

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  1. Good interview Jake. Great color too. It would look great with my olive Utilikilt.