Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Men Wear Nail Polish

Okay, so here's the big question probably burning in the back of most people's minds when they see something about men wearing nail polish: Why?

Lots of reasons... and many of them should not surprise you because they are the same as the reasons why women wear it: because they like it, they enjoy having nicer-looking feet, it's creative, it adds interest, it's colorful, it's relaxing and it promotes better care of one's feet (and hands, if that applies).

But maybe the real attraction is that it is just fun. Those of you who are real polish fanatics understand this well. You begin experirmenting with it and find that it's challenging to get it to look well, frustrating even. But, it has a certain allure to it, so you stick with it and keep trying to make it look decent. And the challenge keeps you dedicated to getting it 'right'.

Soon, you begin to notice it more on others and take notice of different colors that you like, even different shapes of nails, and for some, even intriguing nail art and blending and shading that some of the more creative do with nail polish.
Then, you experience your first pedicure (or maniucure) and it's such a relaxing and satisfying experience that you vow you are definitely do this again - soon! And you are so enthused that you may even go out and buy a few new polishes that you find attractive.

Okay, you are well on your way to being hooked now. You didn't see it coming, but it snuck up on you and now there is no turning back! You begin accumulating nail polishes one at a time, then two then entire sets... You have become a nail polish fanatic, junkie, enthusiast, an addict!

If this sounds familiar, you probably don't have to read much further because you already get it, and the reason why you can empathize with this scenario is because this experience is not much different for women or men. But for men, there is the added factor of rejection to deal with and because of that intrepidation, it can make this even more exciting and inviting a process.

Many men like nail polish. They admire it on women and love the way it sparkles and shines. Many men like bright and flashy colors. Just look at their cars, trucks, motorcyles, boats and other toys. Do they buy drab, gray colored machines? NO!! They love the flash! And that is one reason why men become interested in trying nail polish. Now, they know that men are not 'supposed' to wear bright colors, but heck, it's still pretty intriguing to guys and so some will venture into experimenting with it. But you will find that the majority of guys with this interest will keep their interest and trials private so they can enjoy it without the threat of rejection.

Now some women know this, and so if they are considerate and sensitive to his desire, they may encourage him to try it and even wear it for them. Some gals feel that it would look good on their guy, but that he would never try it unless she initiates it, so they get courageous and play with it by painting one or more of his nails when he is sleeping or not paying attention. He'll often react in the way you'd expect (with disdain), but if she is persistent, he may warm up to it. And that is how this all begins for many guys. There almost always is some sort of support or encouragement from a woman involved.

Well, no big mysteries here, but at least now you have heard it from one guy's viewpoint and experience. Even though I liked nail polish since young, it was a gal (my sister) who got me into trying it - and I liked it! And ever since that moment, it was something that I just continued to do because I truly enjoyed wearing it.

I would love to hear reasons why other guys have come to wear their nails polished, and from you gals, how or why you may have encouraged a guy to try it!

Next blog: how a guy finally gets over the hurdle, the "decision" to just do it, and some advice about dealing with feelings that it's not 'right' for men

Thanks for reading :)


  1. My journey into the polish world started one day last summer when I went to pick my wife up at the salon. One thing led to another and I ended up getting a pedicure, which I really enjoyed, sans polish.

    It wasn't until a few days before my niece's wedding that I started wearing polish. We were sitting around the pool and my niece noticed my pedicure. She told me that it would look really good with some polish and just to prove it showed me her fiance's (now husband's) toes which were sporting a nice light pink. She painted my toes with a nice gunmetal, and I really thought it looked nice. I wore it all week, and when we got home from the wedding only took it off to let my wife paint both our toes with OPI "Suzi Loves Sydney". Ever since then I regularly paint my toenails. I usually go for greens, browns, gunmetals, and light blues, and have just started experimenting with matte finishes. Right now I am wearing OPI "You Don't Know Jacques".

    I wear openly too, and have received many positive comments from the ladies at work and in the choirs where I sing. I have only received negative comments from a self described liberated young lady who couldn't get over the fact that my toes looked better than hers. I get mostly neutral comments from the guys at work.

    A lot of really fun things happen because of my new hobby:

    This last year was when I showed up at the Tae Kwon Do studio where I teach, all of the instructors and students had painted their nails just to have a little fun with me.

    A bunch of ladies from work took me to lunch and they pelted me with questions about pedicures and polishes, and I even had the opportunity to paint the toes of two of them.

    I was getting a pedicure earlier this year when several women in the salon egged me on to "get em polished", and I ended up wearing about 6 different colors over the course of an hour there. None of them knew that I regularly wore polish. They thought the joke was on me, but I had the last laugh, and a lot of female attention.

    I am a regular with my nail tech now, and she has even taken to stocking BB Couture for Men and Man Glaze for me. She tells me that a lot of her male customers have begun wearing polish.

    The more we do this, and the bolder we are about it, the more likely men with polished toes will become more acceptable. It's not just for the ladies and rock stars anymore. I do it because I like the way it looks and feels. Why should the girls have all of the fun?

  2. Awesome, Kevin!

    You said it well, nail polish is something that anyone can enjoy!!


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