Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer of Toes!

So I heard about this Twitter site where a couple of gals decided to start a "Summer of Dresses" group to encourage women to wear dresses more often. People can Tweet in with their pictures and comments and get a whole movement going. Cool idea!

So, I had an idea along those lines, but what I'd like to start is a "Summer of Toes" group! You can use this as an excuse (if you need one) to treat yourself to a pedicure and then choose a cool summer color to top it off. Girls and guys are all welcome, and the more radical a color and/or design, the better. The idea is to make your feet look summery.

On the 'dresses' site, people can post their own pictures, but I guess I don't have the level of sophistication in my web skills to set that up yet, so if you like, you can send me your pictures of you summer feet and I'll post them here. Maybe choose a color per week (or more often if you like) and send me a pic so we can share. Here is my email:

Hey, it's been a long winter and I certainly ready to start wearing sandals and get my feet in 'summer mode' again! How about you?

I'll get it started, here is what I am wearing this week. Yeah, I know it's not real summery, but it's what I had on when I wrote this.

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  1. I could use an excuse to do my toe nails more often. =) But I don't think I'd be sharing them as much as I do my manicures. I'm still a little bit ''afraid'' of feet.