Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Do We hide?

You know, I have been openly wearing my toenails polished for quite a while now, but it wasn't always that way. I used to keep them hidden and my wife was the only one who would see and appreciate them. But something happened a few years ago that changed all that...and it was all in my head.

Many guys who wear their toenails polished (and yes, there are a surprising number of guys who actually do this today!) feel like they have to keep them under wraps. Doesn't that seem crazy when you consider how much time and effort goes into keeping your toenails looking good? Ladies, how would you feel if you had just spent a bunch of $$ and effort getting your hair colored and styled, just to have to wear it under a veil?
But there are reasons why guys do this, so let's explore a few of them.

1) They feel something is wrong with it.
Okay, I think everyone can understand where that's coming from. Boys are taught from a very young age (after about five anyway) that wearing things that are generally considered feminine is a sign of weakness (for men, anyway), and boys are not weak - they're tough! And so, they go through their life thinking that they have do exclusively boy things or someone will think they are weak and not worthy of being a guy.
Well, you do have to consider that those beliefs were put into your head when things were different. Back then, girls didn't do tough things, get tattoos, wear their hair really short, wear jeans or trousers, wear black nail polish or wear or do very much guy stuff. Back then, men didn't wear earrings or stay home and take care of the kids, highlight their hair, wear bright-colored shirts or wear any kind of cosmetics either, like they do now.
Well folks, welcome to the 21st century! We live in a time where people are allowed (they have to have permission...?) to be themselves, and they are even encourged to explore what they like and discover who they really are. And styles have changed too (as they always will). Men now wear nail polish. And there are even companies that design nail polish intended for men in colors that look masculine.
It's not 'wrong' anymore.

2) I will be rejected.
Yeah, maybe so. But then, when were you last able to please everyone you met? In fact, how is this even possible when you consider how many opinions and viewpoints there are in the world? About 1.001 times the number of people there are. (some have multiple personalities...)
No, I have come to the conclusion that it's much, much easier and enjoyable being me, and not someone else. And you know what? I think I'm much better at it than anyone else too! So, if you think about it, the people who have a problem with a guy wearing nail polish, or even a girl wearing work boots have the problem. And it's not you or your problem. You're enjoying life as it was meant to be. They're getting caught up in guilt trips, hangups and trying to unload their opinions on to you. Once you understand that simple concept, the rejection issue turns around and is directed toward them instead.

3) Someone may not like it.
Uh, okay. See #2 above on this one too.

4) I will feel uncomfortable.
Then don't wear it. Seriously, if you don't feel comfortable, no one else will either.
On the other hand (or foot), if you truly enjoy wearing your nails polished, and it brings you joy and satisfaction, then others will pick up on that too and they will accept it as a part of you, and quite possibly like it too. There have been more than a few opinions turned around by confident and content people doing something different.
It's call a 'trend'.

5) What will my friends say?
Hey, if they really are your friends, they'll accept it because it's a part of you. And they already like you, so you're one step ahead.

6) What will my family say?
I dunno. Try it and see. They already know you pretty well, so this should not seem so far-fetched to them because chances are, if you're a guy into nail polish, you've probably already done some things that were 'different' already, and they survived it.

Wearing your nails polished is not a life and death thing, guys. It's just paint, and it will not change your sexual preference or make your manhood fall off. It's just a style that is emerging and it's actually pretty cool to have great-looking nails for a change. Polished fingernails are pretty high maintenance when you consider how active most guys, and some girls are with their hands, but polished toenails are a way to not only vastly improve the look of your feet, but have a little fun and stir up some interest too. When you wear your toenails polished, you tend to take better care of your feet too (because people will notice them more often), and let's face it, most guy's feet can really use some 'improving' (am I right girls?). Look at how popular it currently is with women. They are smarter than you might give them credit for...!

Guys can really wear pretty much any color of polish on their toenails, but if you are just starting out, I might suggest that you begin with more masculine colors like black, brown, gray, or even dark blue and green. Save the reds and bolder colors for when you mature in this style and to help bring along the people around you. They'll adjust alright if you take it in reasonable steps.

So, does that change the way you think about this at all? Do you still need to hide your polished toes? Weakling!!!!
What I am wearing today:
BB Couture Ceremony from the Formal Collection
Thank you for reading
- and commenting too!


  1. No fear here. I've worn kilts for a long time; at church, the office, to Home Depot. I've been catching "it" for years. Polish is just another way I express myself.

    I can't make my mind up between "Ceremony" and "Dress Rehearsal". Oops!, there goes my wallet.

  2. Well, I really like your idea, though my man doesn't wear polished toes. Your pedicure is better than mine and you apply polish so neat, it's insane! Best wishes, Ioewe

  3. Jake I’m always so envious of your pedicure skillz LOL, glad to see you’ve started blogging =) Not only do you show off some great colors but you’re really well-spoken (well-typed?) & I can’t wait to see more of your interviews & discussions.

    If I can actually get anything accomplished today in this ridiculous heat we have right now I’ll for sure post a link to your blog on mine when I get home =) I found you this morning from Nihrida's post.

  4. Your pedicure skills are commendable, I can never polish my toes properly :P

    I'm glad to see someone did start such a blog in this unfortunately narrow minded world. Keep it up Jake!

  5. Hey, thanks for great comments! It's great to hear from all of you on this subject because, as Rhea said, it is something that not many understand well - yet.

    Okay, me and a few other guys are bold trend-setters here, but honestly, we do it for the same reasons you all do - because we truly enjoy it!

    Collette - awesome seeing you here too!!

    Loewe, not many men have figured this out yet. They still feel it's not for men, but they will eventually come around when they start seeing it everywhere. Then again, not every guy wears earrings either, so I guess it's for some, but not all, right?

  6. this was a very nice article - I am happy you started a blog!